The Best Desserts to Have with Coffee

Posted on Thursday, 14 February 2019

Four Simple Delicacies that were Practically Made for Coffee

Brought to life in the 9 th Century by Ethiopian Goat Heard Kaldi, after noticing how excited and enthusiastic his goats became when eating the beans from a coffee plant; coffee has grown into a world-wide phenomenon, shared by individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Whether consuming it for the rich and indulging caffeine hit or simply because you favour the bitter sweet taste of the warmly roasted cocoa beans, coffee has entwined itself in the lifestyles of many individuals.

But what is coffee without a flavourful delicacy? We have undergone extensive research to discover what edible creations best accompany a warm and comforting cup of coffee.

First stop, the stylish and elegant city of love, Paris! Now close your eyes and imagine being planted on a typical Parisian wooden chair in a small boutique café along the Champs Elysees, sipping on your cosy cappuccino. What’s better than a toasted croissant smeared with jam and butter to go alongside your frothy cap?

Panna Cotta
We now travel east, en route to the birthplace of the espresso, Italy! Combine the zing that your espresso offers with a creamy and smooth Panna Cotta delicacy. The mouth-watering creamy texture along with the signature vanilla essence that Panna Cotta is so famous for, goes perfectly with any style coffee to create the ultimate flavour balance.

Welcome to Britain, home of the all-time favourite, the muffin! For those who are looking for something a little more classical, we recommend dropping by Crave Desserts to check out our assortment of freshly baked muffins.

We are now crossing the Atlantic Ocean to arrive in the land of corn dogs, chilli cheese fries and of course, doughnuts… America! For those who favour the sweeter things in life, there is nothing like a satisfyingly sweet doughnut to have alongside a rich and creamy cup of coffee.

Luckily, all these delicacies are available at our brand-new dessert bar, Crave Desserts! The coffee machine will be in full swing, ready to satisfy those caffeine cravings, so pop in and try it out for yourself because after all, you dessert it!